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Support low tourism budget retired/unemployed seniors with returns not only in terms of new travels but also of possible new touristic actors.

Please project wants to create a new touristic offer organized in terms of sharing economy and tailored for Senior aged 55 to 70. The concept idea is that Seniors can travel more crossborder in a cheapest way choosing non traditional destinations and accomodations , during medium and low seasons and using web opportunities.

The project will be carried out in 5 EU Countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta), starting from an awarded touristic best practice born in Abruzzo.

An international pilot will be designed and rolled out, with flows from 4 countries to Italy and 1 flow from Italy to Bulgaria.

The Senior target will be trained to experience the self booking and purchasing activity on the web, becoming the “Maker” of its own touristic product.

The project will start involving 40 persons. To reach this number each of the 5 countries involved will provide a group of 8 seniors and 2 local guides.

The pilot project

The pilot project will run mainly between the months of October-November, generally considered “low seasons” and it will test one specific Italian destination for improving the statistic reliability of the results and still remaining within the foreseen budget. Anyway to check the lesson learnt a fifth flow from Italy to Bulgaria will take place as a concrete proof of reliability.

The tool

An innovative tool (based on Abruzzolink service) will provide the senior tourists with the opportunity to learn how to choose/provide their destination (not just foreign capitals) according to their budget and inclination, taking advantage of SOLOMO (SOcial-LOcal- MObile) technologies and trend. The pilot will provide (for Senior Tourists) several aspects, to be customized during Pilot Phase:

  • places visited: limited Area dimension
  • possibly internal dedicated modes of transport
  • possible types of accommodation: B&B, Agrotourism, Family accommodation, Village accommodation etc., when cheaper than traditional hotels or considered more confortable or near to the destinations to visit
  • specific activities at destination: nature tours, life on farms, spiritual tours, visits to historical memory and cultural sites, visits to a particular city, the practice of specific sports (i.e city tour bike, coast bike), culinary tourism, ecotourism, city tourism, health tourism, winter tourism etc..
  • The Senior Tourists will be the testers of the pilot touristic product, to evaluate and improve the product and to be able to travel again on the basis of the received training and of the experience made.


Please project has 5 main Objectives:

  • Have more seniors travelling internationally
  • Decrease the average costs for tourists
  • Coverage of touristic resources all the year
  • Avoid certain costs during the low seasons
  • Disseminate sustainable tourism business models

Why crowdfunding?

This crowdfunding campaign has two main features:

  1. It is “reward based”, it means that we send a rewards to each backer
  2. It is “all or nothing”,  it means that if we don’t reach our budget target of 6.538€ we will give back the money to all our backers through paypal. For us is very easy because paypal gives the opportunity to refund our backers without any problem.

The main aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to increase the number of seniors travelling crossborder.

Seniors considered in the project are already retired or just unemployed. Their low budget usually do not allow them to travel as much as they wish, however if they can travel in low-medium season and can use cheaper accomodations and travel solutions, their goal becomes more achievable and crowdfunding campaign can help them to realize their willingness to travel.

Reaching this objective means returns not only in terms of new travels but also of possible new touristic actors, as the same seniors could experience the opportunity to exchange their house for holidays or to make part of their houses available for B&B and other touristic solutions, or they can be the storytellers of their ancient sites.

We wish that all the friends of this project Please – project team, other Cosme project teams, seniors and local guides friends, relatives, families, colleagues – will collaborate in participating to the crowdfunding campaign and in disseminating it more and more.

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