The PLEASE Project Pilot is based on the following assumptions:

  • Limited but significant number of seniors (aged 55-70) : 40
  • Each Partner Country will provide one group of seniors (8) and local guides (2): that will allow to test different cultural behaviours and needs
  • Transnational Replicability: Any Partner Country Destinations are involved, but the pilot will test one specific Italian destination for improving the statistic reliability of the results and still remaining within the foreseen budget. Anyway to check the lesson learnt a fifth flow from Italy to Bulgaria will take place as a concrete proof of reliability
  • Period: the pilot should run mainly between the months of October-November, generally considered “low seasons” due to the climatic change (for the destinations where the main attraction is the seaside or the outdoor activities) and to the substantial absence of international festivity.
  • Innovation: an innovative tool (based on Abruzzolink service) will provide the senior tourists/ and local guides with the opportunity to learn how to choose/provide their destination (not just foreign capitals) according to their budget and inclination, taking advantage of SOLOMO (SOcial-LOcal-MObile)  technologies and trend.
  • Touristic Product: The pilot will provide (for Senior Tourists) several aspects, to be customized during Pilot Phase  (by the innovative tool and local guides)
    • places visited: limited Area dimension
    • internal modes of transport: dedicated shuttle ,
    • types of accommodation: B&B, Agrotourism, Family accommodation, Village accommodation etc.
    • specific activities at destination: nature tours, life on farms, spiritual tours, visits to historical memory and cultural sites, visits to a particular city, the practice of specific sports (i.e city tour bike, coast bike)), culinary tourism, ecotourism, city tourism, health tourism, winter tourism etc..
    • The Senior Tourists will be the testers of the pilot touristic product, to evaluate and improve the product and to be able to travel again on the basis of the received training and of the experience made.

The agreed transnational partnership projects will allow to spread the Abruzzolink concept about the above mentioned products on the diversification of the tourism offer by supporting transnational tourism.

The product concept will be built with a mix of:

  • Low cost flights
  • Low cost staying
  • Local Guides
  • Crowdfunding to support low tourism budget retired/unemployed seniors

with returns not only in terms of new travels but also of possible new touristic actors.