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The aim of the PLEASE project is to develop a tourism product concept applied to 5 Member States (Malta, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Spain) for senior travellers. Concretely, the project offers to a group of 8 seniors of each country the opportunity to learn how to choose their tourism destination (not just capitals) according to their budget and inclination, to be the testers of the pilot touristic product to carry out in Abruzzo (in a first stage) and in Sofia (in a second stage), to evaluate and improve the product, and to be able to travel again on the basis of the received training and experience made. Moreover, the project offers 2 local tourist guides of each country the opportunity to learn about the product concept promoted in the project, to study the replicability of the model, and to join a Community of International Local Guides Experts in thematic web-offers and experimental tourism solutions.

The training will be carried out by local experts-tutors and touristic guides on the basis of a program delivered by UVEG-Polibienestar, Dependentias, and Abruzzo.com. The objectives of the training are:

  • to explain the goals of the pilot that selected seniors will perform in October/November 2016;
  • to let senior travellers to explore the opportunities that they can pick surfing in the web and taking advantage of new ways to be transported, accommodated, fed and entertained, much cheaper than the traditional tourist offers and that can be enjoyed, in certain situations, also for free, for example, by exchanging their homes for the holidays;
  • to collaborate in designing the pilot flow to Abruzzo/Sofia to be developed in October/November 2016; and
  • to empower senior travellers to be able to organise and enjoy again a transnational travel by using the lessons learnt.

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